Welcome Notes


The Baltic Association of Surgeons (BAS) and the Lithuanian Association of Surgeons are pleased to invite the surgeons of the Baltic Sea region to the 9th Congress of the BAS to be held in Klaipeda on May 10-12, 2018.  

The main goal of the BAS Congress is to bring together and unite Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues as well as colleagues from our neighbouring countries around the Baltic Sea, to develop cross-border cooperation to better manage the challenges of today. And we have - I hope - a lot interesting results in surgery in various specialities and - I am sure – a lot problems with governments and financing of the healthcare system especially surgery in the Baltic states. The Baltic States, bound together by history and geography, have experienced various types and ways cooperation, both fruitful and unsuccessful.

The BAS congress President Jury Teras in his 2015 greetings-speech said- „why not through the establishment of the Baltic Journal of Surgery, cross-border quality registries or coordinated marketing activities for improved capability of regional healthcare exports“ ... Well, it is the time to come together and to discuss again, what we have done in the past three years....

Welcome to Klaipeda 2018!

Sincerely yours,

Prof.K.Strupas                                                 Prof.A.Razbadauskas
President of the BAS Congress 2018          President of the Lithuanian Association of Surgery